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How to Write Literacy Narrative Essays

The main theme or purpose of literacy essays is for the author to share compelling personal experiences with literacy, such as writing, reading and learning the language.

The statement of literacy should not only explore how literacy has impacted you or your life, but also explore opportunities that will positively impact other people reading the story.

Collect all your belongings

The following should consider the elements for developing a better article:

The statement should be most unrealistic to give readers a sense of authenticity and weight. This may be the only incident that happened in a short period of time.

Whatever title you choose, it should be attractive to you and others. You can write about a book that has impacted your life in some way or how you have influenced your current attitudes about reading or writing.

Your statement must have a structure. There should be a steady flow of events in the introduction, body and end story.

For example, you can introduce the story. Then describe the layout and the people. Tell me what happened? Tell us how the story was solved. Finally, say something about its importance.

Use an active voice, speech statistics, powerful and precise optimizers to add readers.

This statement needs to leave the reader with an explicit message or theme that is not clearly stated but creates a sense of closure.

Now that literacy is just a story in which it describes how you have learned to write, read and write, you are one step closer to writing a good narrative paper.

Remember, great fiction articles should be non-fake and based on the author’s experiences. During writing, you are merely pretending to be an event from memory.

However, sometimes, you are bound to forget some details but make sure that your overall story remains faithful to your experience.

How To Deal With Study Stress

How To Deal With Study Stress

Time flies! I can’t believe I’m taking the last course of the year. We are currently preparing a magazine related to migration and our lovely city of Norrköping together with our classmates. The course entitled “Critical cases in ethnic research and migration” is a great opportunity to reflect on what we have learned throughout the year. I’m going to share my techniques that how you can deal with study stress.

Finally, spring and summer are just around the corner. The sun shines on the water. A warm breeze caresses my hair. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom. It is time to breathe, relax and appreciate the gifts of life. But how do you relax when deadlines, tasks, and responsibilities flow in my head?

The academic quality in Sweden is high. The expectations are similar. The good news is that hard work is worth it. Being an international student is a challenge. It can also be stressful. In my friend’s blog, Coco’s ambassador about her study process, while writing her thesis you will find many tips on how to reduce stress. There are also many other ways to reduce study stress.


It is important to make sure it is organized. You can create a list of tasks and place them where it can be easily seen. Trusting memory is not the best when the mind is already occupied with hundreds of different tasks. Unfortunately, I do not remember the elephant. What should I do to remember? I set many reminders on my smartphone. Birthdays, dates, request an extension of the residence permit, call mom, return books borrowed from the library and more. These notifications save my day. When you have a busy schedule, planning a day or a week helps a lot!

Study Stress students


Eat well, feel good! Most of the time my classes started at 9 or 10 in the morning. If I have classes in the morning, I always start my day with a good breakfast. Sometimes a quick porridge with seasonal fruit, and sometimes a plate full of cheese and vegetables. A well-balanced diet helps save energy throughout the day. It was interesting for me to discover that people in Sweden have good nutrition and healthy eating habits in addition to the high consumption of sugar and coffee. A healthy diet is simple. There is a salad buffet in almost every supermarket. The restaurants offer many delicious and healthy dishes on their menu. Of course, there is no better food than cooking your own food. Do not forget to keep fruits and vegetables in your diet. Drinking enough water is another key point for your health.

The ambassador of my colleague Usisipho wrote a very useful blog post about sustainable food purchases. Check it out here.

After all, food helps you feel better!


Being a champion takes a long time to sit and read. However, I have never been the type of person who can remain without exercise for a long time. One of the first things I did when I moved to Sweden was to be a member of the gym. I go to one of the biggest gyms in the city. Payment 350 SEK per month with a discount for students. They offer various group activities such as functional training, jumping, dancing and yoga. Everyone is welcome in group classes; There is no gender or age limit to join. All classes are taught in Swedish. At first, I asked the instructors for help to translate. They always helped me in learning. After a while, I didn’t need help because I remembered all my movements. It was a piece of cake! Individual exercise with various types of equipment is also possible. Exercise is one of the best ways to improve your mood!

If you are looking for a gym, a quick guide to Jesus’ gyms in Sweden will help you.

It makes no sense to be a gym person. There are many other ways to stay active without going to the gym. In Sweden, you often spend time outdoors and spend time outdoors. If you go out on a Sunday afternoon, you will see people running, running and walking. For most people in Sweden, physical activity is part of the daily routine. Of course, physical activity has many benefits for mental and physical health.


If you are a student, you cannot emphasize essays, group projects or presentations. No matter how busy you are, taking care of yourself is important. This is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Deep breathing, meditation, a healthy and balanced diet, exercise … All this helps you feel good. It is necessary to find time for relaxation and regeneration. I always go for a walk in the forest to appreciate the peace of nature and spend some time alone. Listening to music also helps me relax. This Spotify list is my favorite house music to relax.

A friend of mine recommended an application to practice personal meditation. Headspace is a pleasant and easy application that offers short meditation sessions and attentive life. There are many thematic sessions related to stress, sleep, and anxiety. It helps me learn more about how to reduce daily stress and stay focused.


Finally, if nothing helps reduce stress and anxiety while learning, do not hesitate to ask for help. Sometimes it is good to talk with a friend or family. Sometimes we may need more advice. All universities have a student health center that helps students have a healthier lifestyle. At my university last month, a student health center organized workshops on procrastination and work blocks. I look forward to the next workshops.

Couple students sitting and reading a book.

How To Do Online Statistics Homework

At times you may have felt the burden of statistics homework stress and at midnight you would star on your homework stacks. Even if you started long ago but stayed on the same topic. You will never be able to justify these lost times, but according to Parkinson’s Law, “work increases the time available to complete it”. This means that if you sit down to memorize your statistical formulas, you can eliminate them overnight, you will notice that 25 minutes of work have been consumed all evening.

Needless to say, you just know how much homework you have, even though there is so much to do, some simple adjustments to your daily study routine can save you valuable time and produce results. Can export.

Here are some simple solutions for getting your homework done on time

Make a to-do list

It includes all things related to data collection methods, data types in data, data presentation, centralized trending measures (mean, median, mode), dispersion measures (deviations). Need to add. Quarters, variables of variation, deviations, standard deviations), mean deviations, limits), moments and measures of contradiction and kurtosis.

Almost every article mentioned in your list requires a deadline

Work hard with yourself and allow the least amount of time needed to cover these topics, trying to save 5-10 minutes. Be realistic, you can’t be a speed reader overnight.

Collect all your belongings

Gather everything you need for your work, such as a sharp pencil, a balance, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, a laptop, your statistical workbook, and more. Standing up for each delivery can slow down the process of Statistics homework and maintain focus.

Collect all your belongings

Remove the plug

Permanent tracking and blinking of your favorite devices can make it difficult for you to focus on the project you are currently working on. Silence or turn off your tablets and phones or keep them in different rooms and only have access to them during your break. Little things can change drastically, maybe not anymore, but over time.

Your time

From your initial observation, you will have an estimate of the time required for each article and you can plan for your next study period accordingly for Statistics Homework.

Stay on the mission

It may be that you check out some facts online and that it is quite common for you to reach a completely free site. The best suggestion is to write down all the topics and facts that need to be examined online and continue with this end of the study session.

Take frequent breaks

Everyone needs a break, which makes it almost impossible to work in the long run. The best way to store your pumped energy is to get involved in active breaks. Take breaks between longer study times or articles. Technological breaks help you fight off the fears of missing parts that can hurt you when you are in business, but the most important breaks last a lot longer than originally planned. Respect at least 10-minute technical breaks.

Reward yourself!

Already running out of time? If you’ve allowed 35 minutes to pass the statistical probability theory and are only 25 minutes, use an extra 10 minutes for a short break or move on to the next topic. On the track, you can wrap up fast enough to connect to your favorite series on Netflix.

The best advice is to stay on the right track for a hassle-free study routine, the more you focus, the greater your chances of success. You will be amazed at how many hours you can sign up for a seamless study plan and leave your homework.

Final Verdict

Get instant online class help or pay someone to take my online class



Mistakes Not To Be Made During a Presentation

Mistakes Not To Be Made During a Presentation

We have just seen what needs to be done to make a presentation perfect. Besides, here are the most common mistakes made during presentations.

Image result for mistakes not to be made during presentation"

Exit the demo script or improvise too much

This is the most common and deadliest mistake. By dint of repeating and repeating the same thing, it is very tempting to leave the planned script, and this is where the imbroglios, the software bugs. So do not improvise, but not too much!

Debating a speech like a machine gun or without believing it

Once again the shape is more important than the bottom. If you do not sweat passion, emotion … it will not work.

Write on his slides in character 10 whole sentences with several levels of chips, and tables with tens of numbers

Powerpoint is the art of synthesis, it must be written that the bare minimum.

Put animations or sounds “to make pretty”

This is again a beginner error. The attraction is you and not the powerpoint, nothing should distract your interlocutors. To note: the images with small animations are in fashion, you can add some.

Stay static and watch your colleague in the front row

80% of the communication is nonverbal, so you have to use and abuse gestures, look at everyone in the room and go to her.

Do not prepare your speech in detail by noting that a few outlines and improvising the rest

We must always prepare a thread, otherwise, it is the insured crash (errors, white, lack of transition …). Even for a speech repeated 10 times, it is necessary to get back in the bath and check that everything is correct (unrolled, powerpoint.

Believe that the bottom is more important than the form

Even if you have concrete arguments, if your speech is unclear and your documents confused, the message will not pass … so you have to devote at least as much time to formatting as to defining the content of the content. slides. At least take care of your appearance, if not have a nice speech, be clean on you!

Speak too fast or too slowly

On the contrary, focus on the key points and do not hesitate to repeat them or put particular emphasis on your speech.

Read the powerpoint to read to make a presentation

A presentation is not a recitation or reading of a document. If this were the case, it would be sufficient to send a document or print it. The presentation is to convey a message and convince.

Do not plan “plan B” in case of the technical problem

PC broken down, powerpoint presentation erased, sick person … are very common. You need to prepare a plan B especially during crucial presentations where you have no second chance.

Do not check your presentation when you always use the same PC

Generally from one presentation to another, we make changes, additions … so check that on the PC is the last version that is saved. Use Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive to centralize powerpoints, and always keep track of versions with major changes.

Ideas For Writing Better and Improving Vocabs

Ideas For Writing Better and Improving Vocabs

Ideas For Writing Better and Improving Vocabs

A bad grammar, risky punctuation, all this makes you lose credibility. Whatever your level, it is always possible to improve in this area, and these tips will help you to get Ideas For Writing. At the end of your writing, check if your text takes these 14 points into account.

Image result for writing better

Use simple concise language

Never use a long word when a much shorter word could express the same idea.


Correct yourself constantly, read again. If a word is useless, delete it.

Be concise

keep only the essentials, absolutely avoid lengths.

Use easy words

Write in simple English, but without jargon. Unknown or overly scientific words are useless if a simpler equivalent exists. The more compact it is, the more powerful it is. Jargon translates laziness, and behind it erases the message you wanted to convey, you are no longer taken seriously. On the contrary the pompous words give you an arrogant side.


Inactive posture

Stay inactive posture, avoid passive verbal turns, if you can choose an active turn. This gives a more energetic side to your writing. Rather than write, “The meeting was led by Marc,” write “Marc was leading the meeting. ”

Avoid absolutely familiar turns.

Do not show your enthusiasm too much. Do not abuse exclamatory sentences. Conclude your message in a professional way, by a “Sincerely”, “Yours sincerely”, “Sincerely greetings”, according to the hierarchy to which you address. Avoid absolutely familiar turns.


Do not use too many adverbs. Make it look good


Write down the way you speak, and re-read.

Start, and finish the message in a strong and clear way

These are the most important moments. If the player does not hang at first, he will not hang up later. In the same way a badly done conclusion will disappoint him, even if the preceding message was good.

Accept the criticism

Have someone else read your text to get an opinion. Someone who reads or writes a lot and will give you valuable advice.


Accept the criticism, it can only make you progress.

Try to do experience

Do experiences, try new twists sometimes. That’s how you learn, in style, in tone, in writing.

Write as much for the eyes as for the mind

A good e-mail, a good document, should be easy to read and understand. Pay attention to the format, the structure of the text, do not forget to air your subject.

Take your time

This is what distinguishes the good from the bad writers. Good writers are not necessarily competent but persevering. Bad writers give up. Good writers continue.

Write every day

The practice of writing will only have beneficial effects on the way you communicate in your professional environment.

The Season of Exam is Almost Here

The Season of Exam is Almost Here

Know The Motto Behind The Assignment

The season of exams is almost here which means you are drowning in the sea of assignments. Read the whole article how to get Assignment Help.

We know that right now you are sweating due to anxiety and searching for the easiest yet quickest ways to write the assignment help all along.

These final assignments are very important and in order to make it perfect, you have to pay focus on many things.

But if you do not have time for such long procedures, we have written down various tips that you can keep in mind to effectively complete an assignment

Motto surely sounds a very heavy word and so is your assignment.

Completing an assignment is not less than achieving a motto.

But, what is the actual reason behind this assignment writing? If you think it is something you have to do to pass the semester, you are wrong because it is much more than that.

When your professor assigns you an assignment, he wants to check what you have understood from the course till now.

So, if you are ready to pass this challenge given by your professor, let’s get to the next step.

Take Few Deep Breaths and Say Goodbye to the Stress

Never let the stress and anxiety take a toll on your assignment quality or your mind. Your college paper has to be perfect and if you are stressed out, there is no way that you will deliver a good result.

So, give yourself a little pep talk, grab the pen, and start writing because stress and anxiety aren’t taking you anywhere

Work On The Schedule

Tiredness is the biggest enemy of the assignment. The college paper is always a lengthy task but do you always have to complete it in one day?

No. Invest a little time to make a schedule that provides you time to work on assignments and provide some rest time as well.

Moreover, when you divide the assignment in a few days, you will be able to pay attention to every little detail on it. It is advised to do the research part and writing part on each alternative day as it will get you some fresh air and a fresh mind to work on it.

Use Authentic Sources for Research

This is the biggest blunder students tend to make. It is said that content is the king of the assignment and if the content is weak and sources aren’t authentic, there are high chances that your assignment will be rejected.

Use the Paragraphing

A long paragraph comprising of a whole page is such a turn-off and it will bore off the professor when he is checking your assignment. So, make sure that your assignment has been broken down into regular paragraphs with proper structuring.

Originality goes a long way

It might be very easy to copy and paste the assignment but if you get caught, you have to listen to the insulting remarks from the professor. In order to stay away from those remarks, avoid plagiarism

Proofread and Edit

An assignment with errors doesn’t give out a very excellent outlook. In order to avoid this situation, make sure that you proofread and edit the content before submitting it.

We hope that these helped you with the bets. For more study related tips, stay tuned!