Mistakes Not To Be Made During a Presentation

Mistakes Not To Be Made During a Presentation

We have just seen what needs to be done to make a presentation perfect. Besides, here are the most common mistakes made during presentations.

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Exit the demo script or improvise too much

This is the most common and deadliest mistake. By dint of repeating and repeating the same thing, it is very tempting to leave the planned script, and this is where the imbroglios, the software bugs. So do not improvise, but not too much!

Debating a speech like a machine gun or without believing it

Once again the shape is more important than the bottom. If you do not sweat passion, emotion … it will not work.

Write on his slides in character 10 whole sentences with several levels of chips, and tables with tens of numbers

Powerpoint is the art of synthesis, it must be written that the bare minimum.

Put animations or sounds “to make pretty”

This is again a beginner error. The attraction is you and not the powerpoint, nothing should distract your interlocutors. To note: the images with small animations are in fashion, you can add some.

Stay static and watch your colleague in the front row

80% of the communication is nonverbal, so you have to use and abuse gestures, look at everyone in the room and go to her.

Do not prepare your speech in detail by noting that a few outlines and improvising the rest

We must always prepare a thread, otherwise, it is the insured crash (errors, white, lack of transition …). Even for a speech repeated 10 times, it is necessary to get back in the bath and check that everything is correct (unrolled, powerpoint.

Believe that the bottom is more important than the form

Even if you have concrete arguments, if your speech is unclear and your documents confused, the message will not pass … so you have to devote at least as much time to formatting as to defining the content of the content. slides. At least take care of your appearance, if not have a nice speech, be clean on you!

Speak too fast or too slowly

On the contrary, focus on the key points and do not hesitate to repeat them or put particular emphasis on your speech.

Read the powerpoint to read to make a presentation

A presentation is not a recitation or reading of a document. If this were the case, it would be sufficient to send a document or print it. The presentation is to convey a message and convince.

Do not plan “plan B” in case of the technical problem

PC broken down, powerpoint presentation erased, sick person … are very common. You need to prepare a plan B especially during crucial presentations where you have no second chance.

Do not check your presentation when you always use the same PC

Generally from one presentation to another, we make changes, additions … so check that on the PC is the last version that is saved. Use Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive to centralize powerpoints, and always keep track of versions with major changes.